Florida Alpaca Sale

Welcome to our online farm!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Weeping Willow Farm, now is the perfect time.  Our farm, located in central Florida, is home to a number of health and happy alpacas.  Alpacas, in general, have a number of great benefits and are continuing to have a high demand for sales. Our farm does offer alpacas for sale but we also have the capabilities to provide boarding facilities. Equipped with an experienced and caring staff we regularly check over everything about all our alpacas from their diets to dental health.  Weeping Willow Farm can provide champion bloodlines for breeding as well.  We strive to provide quality boarding, breeding and sales for any alpacas available. Take some time and look through our site for pictures of our farm.  Make sure to check out our new available alpacas while you’re here.

We recently  added 17 additional suri females , 9 suri males, 4 female and 2 male llamas from St. Nicholas Alpaca and Llama Ranch.  Two of the  suri  females are original imports, one from Bolivia and one from Chile.

If  you have any questions or need more information feel free to contact us at (386) 277-2043/ (386) 717-3842 or send us an email! (csmith@weepingwillowfarm.com).  Check us our at weepingwillowfarm.openherd.com also.