Why Has Alpaca Clothing Become So Popular?

Alpacas really hit about every benefit that livestock and pets can hit: they are friendly, they are fun and they have beautiful and useful fur.

In fact, alpaca fur has become a predominant fiber in the fashion industry. You can even see top fashion designers who utilize alpaca wool as a beautiful, warm and comfortable medium. They even use it as a marketing tool, which indicates that the alpaca’s popularity has achieved new heights.

But why?

This is the thing… alpaca fur, as you know, is warm and comfortable. Furthermore, it’s easy to dye and looks beautiful. One of the main reasons that all of this is possible stems from the fact that alpaca fibers contain no lanolin.

Lanolin is the substance is sheep wool which many call wool wax. This wax gives sheep wool its itchy feel. So, while sheep wool is very warm and comfortable, it can never achieve the warmth and comfort of alpaca wool.

Now, people all over the world are beginning to discover this. Because of this simple discovery, you will see the the textile world begin to change as, indeed, it already has. Do a search at Sak’s or Macy’s and you’ll see, the quantity of alpaca fiber clothing is on the rise. Textile designers and innovators will find new ways to apply alpaca fibers, so we might even begin to see formal wear, like men’s suits, utilizing this incredible fiber.

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